We’ve got the TELKOM scorecard

Finally, after years of nagging, we’ve now got the TELKM scorecard. They finally issueda verified scorrecard on 8th October 2009. Their score is a rather poor level 5. Their ownership points is 7.24, management 11 – full makrs. Employment equity is 7.86 – lss than half the points available. Skills development is 10.48 which means they are making an effort to train their staff. Procurement is good at 18.19 pints which means they are making abig effot to deal with compliant suppliers. Eneterprise development is 0- showing that they are giving their suppliers a hard time by demanding compliancy, but making no effort to assist those very enterprises that do need help. Worse, socio economic development is 3.8 out of 5 showing that they spend less than the 1% industry norm on their CSI activities.

Normally I praise any company for making any effort towards transfomation, but I expect more of TELKOM. It took ages for them to issue a certificate, ostensibly because of their difficulty in identifying their shareholders, but assured us they were compliant in other ways. To push procurement at the expense of enterprise development is not a good strategy. and to care so little for their community that they do not reach targets on SED is unforgiveable. It should be remembered that both ED and SED are based on cumulative spend since 2007, so it is likley that TELKOM have never met targets on both those items for that past 2 years, and to reach targets in 2010 will be that much harder.

  1. #1 by MJP - December 4th, 2009 at 14:32

    Wow congrats Keith- can you perhaps share as to how and where you got the certificate, I’ve also been trying for a long time…

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